IMHO... it is our strength that bonds us together in times of catastrophic need. This bonding together keeps us from being alone during a tragedy. No one here is alone in his/her fight to maintain a constant relationship with their lives and jobs. People are suffering in the storm areas and if we don’t do business as usual there will be people suffering here. Prepare yourself for this situation to get much worse before it gets better.

We all will feel the pinch of the economy during and long after a national situation. The ugly magnitude of the effect will be far reaching. You will be fine if you keep your focus on your social circle and business at hand.

As terrible as it seems, as horrible as the damage from Katrina, as decimated as the victims of the storm are life still goes on for them, you and me. Again, No one is alone in this and we draw strength from each other in these times. Try to relax and plan your days one day at a time for your family and customers. One day at a thing at a time and plan smartly and justly.

So....Take a deep breath and gather your strength and be strong for thoes around you. If you can’t give your time or donations to these people then pay their toll with a prayer everyday.

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