with all those homeless people there has got to be thousands that depend on a/c to live and breathe. the death toll can only get bigger. seems like the bigger corporations could organize an effort,by using vendors , customers and other contacts to temporairly set up unused ware house and other buildings for shelters. the large realtors and landlords donate the buildings. electrical and air conditioning manufactures donate equipment and materials . service techs and installers donate their time to put it all together. red cross and others like them could furnish cots and beds and screen the the needy so that ones depending on a/c to breath elderly and asthma suffers could have the controled enviroment to stay alive. It would be a big undertaking but I believe our industry has the means to make it happen. I would be glad to donate my time and skills to help but I don't have the resources to bring it all together. It is hard to see all those folks with no hope and trying to keep their grandmas and grandpas alive in such horrible conditions. It just makes yyou want to do something.