We all have spoke on here about how over the last 15 years tht the middle eastern ethinic groups just about own all gas stations in our country. Could it be that this is a long term plan of Al Queda, that over time, control the american people through the price of gas, and that they bet on eventually that a natural disaster would take place to put them in the drivers seat. I mean, who controls oil in this country?

Looking at the looting, in this tradegy unfolding, we also are seeing the worst come out of people who have no fabric of moral or dignity. Not the food people, but the people walking around with plasma TV's and such. Okay now I understand their are gangs of armed thugs now walking the city, with Uzi's and such. Just wait. Murder, Rape. We will see this all come out. Is there any possibility that each tradegy we see unfold in modern times could be that deterioation of the world you have heard and read about.

With our troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and across the globe, now this, the sinking economy. I have often thought over the last few days, that, what would my plan B be, if this country were to come unraveled. I have asked myself, what would I do to protect my family. I would head north to Alaska. Build a cabin, live off the land by farming and hunting. I know I could get my family through something that way, very confident of that.