This is going to take a while to explain my high humidity.

I've had high humidity for the last few years and can't seem to find out why I have it.
I live in Indiana, cold winters hot humid summers.
Let me start with my home and how it is setup.
I have 2280 sq.ft. single story, 7/12 hip roof pitch roof, crawl space.
I have R-60 in the attic, with two powered attic fans, and 14 soffit vents.
I have replaced my windows with double-pane argon windows.
R-11 with celotex and brick on the walls.
Crawl space.
Original 2"" foam board on the primeter walls. I sprayed urethane insulation over the foam board, up under including the floors.
Sprayed all areas where air or humidity could come in.
Covered vents with a cover then sprayed over the cover.
Insulated all water pipes with the black foam type.
My trunk line, and take offs were of the following.
Main trunk line, aluminum duct board, with galvanized takeoff.
I resealed all joints on the trunk line with aluminum tape, then sprayed the trunk line and all take offs with urethane insulation.
Put in a new clothes dryer vent duct, and sprayed that.
Punt a second sump pump in the crawl space.
Installed a de-humidifier in the crawl space.
put 8-mill vis-queen on the bottom of the crawl.
Put a new crawl space entry. Turtle system, which is a closed system
with a door, almost air-tight.
My crawl is dry as a desert

I posted in here on this issue 2 years ago, and was given the advice to seek
a new HVAC system. My old system was about 16 years old and needed upgrading, so I did.
I had a split system, propane downflow furnace, and a 2and 1/2 heatpump.
Since then I made my garage a family room, so I enlarged the HVAC.
95,000 high efficiency and a 3 ton heat pump.
I have 75% returns to runs in my system.
Here is the issue, last winter humidity was around 25% using the furnace.
during the floods of April, still using the heatpump humidity was around an average of 40%
Now here comes the goofy stuff, since I turned the air conditioner on the humidity and steadily gone up.
two weeks ago it had gone up to 51%
As of today, the humidity has gone back up to 70%
this was the same percentage as I had when I had the old system and was worried about mold.
Current DELTA T 87F Humidity 37% dewpoint 58
I've had plumbers out looking for water leaks, NONE!
I'm baffled with this issue.

The Humidity only increases when the A/C is running, the only problem I can see is the drainpad is not draining, I have a little window in the drain line, there is a trickle of water in the window.
I was with the installers when the A-coil and drain was installed, they made sure the pan was leveled so the condensate drain would work, they knew of the humidity issue in my house.
So whats the deal with my HVAC, I've called the owner of the HVAC company, they have been out on several occiations, the next step is having the factory REP come out with the magic wand, and not the magic BS.
Have any of you had this issue, I"ve spend over 12K trying to solve this issue to no Avail!