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    Like has been posted a million times, there is dishonesty in EVERY trade/profession there is. We have a poster on here "Bretware" who is a supposed "senior tech" for a large company giving instructions on how to charge an airconditioner the "I haven't a clue what I'm doing" way, yet he believes he is providing his customers with good service. His company isn't out of business, and they continue to service many a/c's in Florida. I don't even know if I can put him at blame, because someone had to show him his incorrect way of doing this. I watch out for my parents all the time, and it's scary for me to think of people who have noone looking out for them,and like I stated this is in every trade/profession. He who graduates last in medical school= Dr.
    If everything was always done "by the book"....the book would never change.

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    I'm still tryig to figure out why he overstated his case with the Rheem comment. This is clearly someone elses shot or comment with no real understanting, much like when Tim Taylor tries to reiterate what Wilson tells him. Would the story be different if he was a Carrier dealer?

    I guess, yes, if you take the time to aquire all the training and tools required to be a service tech or service compnay, you then have to consider your overhead. Of course you dont have to warranty your work, or buy insurance or purchase a recovery machine and vans and tools and maintain a store front and warehouse, hire accountants, insure workers, pay workers comp and unemployment. You dont have to advertise or consider your time at the supply houses, deal with customers who dont or cant pay their bills.

    I'm a little bothered also by being included in your little tirade against the industry, you got poor service yet contiued to use the same outfit for 29 years, why is it that All of us are crooks because your folks got pinched by one guy?

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    Guy seems pretty fair and straight forward to me. How many of us go into our parents bank books and snoop? I can believe his parents didn't bother to complain to him. They trusted a company like a lot of older folks do. What he found out when he did get a chance to investigate sure sounded like some gouging to me. As most stated, it happens a lot in all areas and older people are most vulnerable. He stated:

    My parents saved all the documentation from the service
    company. I was amazed that that they had receipts going
    back 29 years! I also realized something very sad and
    depressing. These guys had been ripping off my parents
    and everyone else in their neighborhood for decades. The
    stuff they had written down about adjusting this or that
    sensor, valve, or switch was insane! They told my parents
    a couple of summers ago that their central AC needed five
    pounds of freon. They charged them sixty dollars for each
    pound! The entire capacity of their 3 ton system is five

    Seems like this company didn't bother to leak check. Probably figured to get a profit on replacing the old system soon anyway. At what markup? Who knows?

    To this gentleman I will state that I have worked for three companies in the last ten years and I don't recall any of them doing this kind of business. Two companies stressed repair not replace until it was really necessary. The other company stressed replacing something 20 yrs old. Well, those that replaced a twenty year old unit then are now glad they did because of fuel and electric costs soaring. Parts are marked up for many reasons but I don't recall gouging as a common practice at least here.

    This guy did the trade a service by informing on this company. Give him a break.

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    In Florida ,according to customers and Seniors Versus Crime,it's much worse here.Most all hooror stories start with a telemarketing ,let us do a check up for a very low cost.The end up with "self cleaning UVC filters'for ten times the wholesale cost,or a 10SEER heat Pump for a cost close to a 14 SEER.I've heard from the sons and daughters of some of the retired folk,as well as retired customer .It's a very said thing.

    So if you parents here ,caution them and help watchout for them.

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    There are company’s ripping off people everyday.... I realize that, and certainly don't agree with it.

    What bothers me about loads original post is.. I guess I took it as this example..

    You get a call from a commercial refrigeration account. - Walk in cooler evap is frozen up. Bags of rolls, bread, whatever, is blocking the air flow to the coil. You deice the coil and move the items out of the way. Pressures, time clocks, temperature control setting, are all okay and set properly.

    While presenting the bill for $x.xx, you explain to the owner what, and why this happened. The owner turns to you and says "You are going to charge me that amount just for using a garden hose?"

    Now the owner could have read refrigeration books, got an education in the trade, bought a 7 dollar hose, whatever.. And, if he learned how to fix the freeze up problem, and what the cause was from, he certainly would have thought of me as a rip off hack.

    Just because load fixed one problem, does that give him the right to degrade an entire company? Maybe the company is as bad as he stated.... I don't know.

    For some reason, (even though I don't even do heating and a/c) I took offense to his post. I felt like he was pooling all of us into his experience.

    Or, maybe I'm just soft.....that’s probably it...

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    My theory is that the reason that scamming is so prevalent in the HVAC industry is simply because the overall reliability of HVAC systems are high today and when they do fail, many times they are minor problems.

    For instance, my brother was ready to call an HVAC tech out when his system failed. I stopped him and went over to look at it and it was simply a tripped circuit breaker. Now an honest tech would have charged $150 (in my area) for a service call to drive all the way out there & diagnose the problem. Not very profitable given the expenses of running a business so some add on extra "fees." I've also mentioned a prior isntance where the tech wanted to add a more than 1000% markup on the cost of a capacitor.

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