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    Think about the area and the wildlife that has been displaced. that's scarey. gaters, snakes etc.:-0

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    Kind of hard to worry about the gators right now, people are starving on bridge decks, bodies floating down the street, little kids with no water or medicine, old people suffering in the hot sun.........who cares about the gators?
    They live in the wild anyway, no biggie.
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    Years ago when in the AF I got called up to go to Florida for help and rescue after a bad hurricane. We were reminded over and over again that beneath those ponds of water where a street or back yard might be would be or could be snakes and alligators which are very hungry and will go after anything that moves.

    To those poor souls waiting for help and to those on the way to help them, those snakes and alligators are also waiting too.

    It's bad no matter which way you look at it.
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    They were on site interviewing this guy. Flooding caused him to go off of the road into the median between the divided lanes.

    Road was right in front of an aligator farm, a few were loose I guess, still there when the news crew showed up.

    He had quite an experience to say the least.
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