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    What specifically makes one manufacturer's horizontal coil better than another's? For example, does one manufacturer use better materials or proprietary technology? Other than personal preferences, why is a Goodman 2 ton horizontal coil any the less efficient or durable than a similar Trane coil?

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    Everyone has their own opinion of who makes the best coils. Cabinet quality, drain pan integrity, history of leaks...

    Key is that the coil matches the outdoor unit. If you have a Goodman outdoor unit, use their coil that is rated with that unit.

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    Fins quality, spacing, lances or fins, circiting, type of rifle inside the tubing, dran pans, volume,& water retention are all different designs from one mfg to another. But I want to clarify, the goodman coil is the only coil to use when connected to a goodman outdoor unit and likewise the trane coil is the only coil suitable for use with the trane outdoor section. In other words it wouldnt be prudent for some one who likes say Carrier Coils to install them on Lennox outdoor units because he likes the outdoor unit better.

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    Most of the coil manufactures use the same copper stock for there coils. All coil copper is thinner then copper refrigerant tubing due to having to be as thin as possible for the best heat transfer to keep up with minimum efficiencies imposed by the Federal government.

    As stated though; use the same brand coil as the outdoor unit.
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