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    I have an 8 year old Goodman covered under a Home Owners warranty that seems to have a small crack in the heat exchanger. Is the heat exchanger a replaceable part or does the whole inside unit have to be replaced?



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    A heat exchanger can be replaced, but you still have to pay for the labour. (It's not cheap)

    If the underlying cause is not found and corrected, the next heat exchanger will be doomed to fail; proper maintenance, ductwork and operation are crucial. A gas furnace can go for 20+ years if installed properly.

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    heat exchanger sould be under factory warranty. labor should be under home warranty

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    Based on glancing at your previous posts...."Ducts to small", etc...why don't you get everything fixed, upgraded, etc... so you can put your issues to sleep? Unless you have a properly sized system, notice I said system, to include ductwork, furnace, ac unit, evap coil...everything, you will never be satisfied or happy because it will not function properly....oh wait...home warranty...explains it all.

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    Heck, if he got everything fixed who would we have to give advise too? We need him.
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    Good call. If it all worked just right then what would I do. I might have to resort to watching TV or some other lame form of entertainment instead of reading post on this great forum.

    I do plan to get it all fixed sometime this fall when the HVAC guys are slow again. I have been so far learning everything I can so I can make sure that when the HVAC contractor I finally choose to do the job is truely looking out for my best interest. Like I said in a previous post. I have had several contractors look at it already and most just want to swap out my unit. They are not inclined to do any engineering to make sure the system is sized correctly and or the duct work is adaquate.

    I have,however found one contractor who seems to be prepared to address my duct work and has also reccommended down sizing my current system for the 1st floor while installing a unit in the attic for the 2nd floor. This can be done for $14K.

    I'm looking to get at least one more opinion from a contractor who does more than swap out old units. So far I have not found one. Almost every contractor that I have called just sends out a salesman who really can't answer my questions. Are there any good contractors in the greater Baltimore area willing to take a look at my system?

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    a faulty heat exchanger can allow carbon monoxide gas in the living space, much less operating inefficiently. the furnace should not be operated until it is repaired.

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    An 8 yr old Goodman, that has the crimp ring design, doesn't need to be on a bad ductwork job to go bad.

    Sorry RoBo,
    But the ducts have to be right on any unit for it to work as factory intends.
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    Frown furnace problems

    i have a goodman as well its approx 8 yrs. for the last few winters we;ve had nothing but problems with it.. its had a curcuit board replaced bc it just shut down. then it started to back fire, went through 3 ignitors in a week last winter. we r just getting really frusterated with this unit.. could there be a underling issue that could be causing all these problems?? we are considering purchasing a whole new unit.. but if there is someway we can save this unit we will try it.. thanks for any advice!

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    sounds like you need a new service co to look at it
    theirs is something major wrong,if its back fireing. major saftey problem
    i would make shore no one bypassed any safteys. sounds like a air proof switch is bypassed and the burners are not getting enouf air

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