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    HVAC intake problem


    We had our HVAC's blower motor replaced today. After the technician left, I noiced that one intake works ok, but the other intake is just not taking in air. Could this be a blower problem or the intake problem ? I called up the technician and he mentioned that there could be a problem in the duct work, since if the motor works then it is not possible for one intake working and other not working. Is this correct ?

    Any help in this regard will be appreciated.



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    Do you have two A/C units? One return for each unit?

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    How did it work before?

    Most people look much closer at something they have had a problem with.

    Common sense isn't very common anymore.

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    I am sorry, I do not know much about the HVAC system and hence do not know where to look for technical details. But, I do know that our upstairs unit has two intakes on the bottom of the unit. One on the left side and one on the right side. When I followed the duct work closely, the one on the left side works (it takes in air), but the one on the right side of the unit does not takes in any air. I also replaced filter on both sides. I know that the intake worked before since the filter was very dirty and I have been replacing the filters quite regularly.

    So, I am wondering if it is possible for one intake to work but the other intake to not work ?



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    Call another contractor out to diagnose the problem. Don't mention you just had someone else out. That should get you an honest answer. But, it'll cost you the price of a service call. We can guess all day long, and never come close to the right answer. Good Luck.

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    If it worked before, it should work now. Do you have a filter on both sides as well or do you only have one filter to replace?

    Is the air handler (or furnace) on a box?

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