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    Michigan HVAC start up business

    Hello All
    Can anyone share experiences they have had or made in their small business start up? I would kill for some guidence or info on guys or gals that have recently started up something in michigan. My neighbor says do it, do it, but I am so reserved and worried about failing! I think the problem that I have is that I feel I have set myself up for a decent job working for someone and not myself. I went and got a degree which cost me around 45 grand, I got a steady job that pays about 600 a week, I am not complaining I am grateful that I have a paycheck coming in! I started in on a small business plan and realized that holy crap I need another 55 grand just to make something tiny materialize. Thought about maybe getting a second job or something, but damn man. I dont have a boat load of people that I can immediately count on to get things movin?
    Any advice from somebody trying to make it in Michigan would help!

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    Post in pro section(s), you may get more feed back
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    I started 2 businesses in Scotland when I was 20 and did quite well for a long time. The key to starting up is prepare.

    1) Do your research on what kind of customers you are aiming to serve.

    2) How will you differentiate yourself from the competition?

    3) Realistic budget for marketing and stick to it. Think carefully about how you will reach your customers in the first stages and then later on.

    4) Internet presence, a spiffy, well thought out website, will impress customers but only IF they can get to it. Think of your website as a great little B & B a couple of miles away from the interstate (customers), the internet is a tool for you to build as many avenues, paths, roads to your business as possible. Facebook, twitter, myspace, linkedin, yelp, angieslist, kudzu. People need to know you are out there.

    5) Pricing? Don't forget you are starting a business and lower prices are okay at first but what people really remember is awesome service and a fair price for it. Charge to little and you'll work too much, not cover overheads and go out of business. Too much and people won't use you again.

    6) Referrals, starting up this is your single most important business tool. Get word out to family, friends, churches, supply houses, other small businesses you go to. Find a small business network group in your area (or start one!) and get involved.

    7) Start up, I hope you have a strong stomach and healthy savings account. Both are going to take a pounding the first year...
    Seriously you will want to give up after several sleepless nights of no calls. It will only get better if you invest in the business and yourself.
    Get a decent service van, setup cash accounts with your favorite supply houses and work out if you can buy stock cheaper online (t-stats, start kits etc...) set up accounts and shop for tools you will need you don't already have.

    By the way, 55K is quite a budget to start up. I kicked off my business with A LOT less back in Scotland and struggled through a lot of tough times to make it a thriving shop with 3 vehicles and 5 guys.
    I would recommend drawing up 3 separate business plans:

    1) 28k start up business.
    2) 14k start up business.
    3) 5 k start up business.

    Your plans for each should be quite different, the point is to get you thinking clearly about a gameplan. If you don't have one I guarantee you will fail.

    Keep posting and let us know how you get on!
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    Lightning Boy THANK YOU for your guidence!
    Thanks again man!

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