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    I have been asked to look at an Alerton system that is not functioning correctly.

    From what I can see, the control system is programmed using a package called "VisualLogic" which works in conjunction with Visio.

    Visio is not installed on the workstation, however it appears in the registry and the file extension .VSD has the correct association with Visio, suggesting the departing company uninstalled Visio.

    My question; If I re-install a copy of Visio, will the VisualLogic software work, or does it need to be re-installed after Visio.

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    You can view the program through ddc editor.

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    I have installed Visio and managed to view the logic, but can you tell me more about DDC Editor?

    My particular issue is the airflow calibration on some dual duct boxes.

    The original controls contractor installed a single airflow pickup, however the logic has Htg_Airflow and Clg_Airflow, which are both 'calculated' from the single airflow pickup, depending whether the box is in cooling or heating mode. To make it even stranger, they have different values for Htg_AirflowCal and Clg_AirflowCal.

    Apart from their questionable logic, the 'calibration' is in the form of a multiplier (e.g. final value = raw value times calibration) and their calibration values vary from 0.3 to 0.9.

    I can't find anywhere in VisualLogic where the actual airflow is configured (e.g. duct size, k-factor). Is 'DDC Editor' used for the root level input configuration?

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    Your issue would be most easily solved through BacTalk displays and device templates. If the workstation is running Envision for BacTalk your answers are at your fingertips. Let me know if this is the case and I will try to guide you through it.

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    The issue has been resolved. We got a different Alerton dealer to come to site and create a new password for us; one which added the ability to launch the editing software to calibrate the VAV airflow.

    On the first VAV we brought up, the original contractor had entered a neck size of 600mm diameter, in reality it was 250mm.

    One VAV box down, about 200 to go.

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