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Thread: lasik surgery

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    I know this already was discussed in a previous thread but I am going to have surgery at the end of september. I am feed up with glasses and I cant bet the price of lasik. I know coolblew had it done and praised it. Anyone else had it done or know someone who has had it? I have to go to the other side of michigan but supposed to be able to have both eyes done for a grand. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    LASIK !!!!!!!!!!

    This is very important!!!!!! I had a very good Result. I must STRESS THAT you Research the Eye doctor that you are considerring !!!!!DO-NOT shop for the CHEAPEST BIDDER!!!! Find the Doctor with THE MOST experience!!! I say again THE MOST!!! EXPERIENCE

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    Thats what kinda makes me nervous my eye doctor said I would be a good candidate and asked me if i ever thought about it. I said yeah but I heard that the price of it has gone up. Thats when he told me that he could set me up with the lasik vision institute. I have heard of people going to canada to have the procedure because its supposed to be cheap there. Locally I have called around to see what the surgery would run locally and they are talking 4000 to 4500 for both eyes. This is the new surgery interlase. The lasik institute offers a one year correction warranty if you need corrective surgery again. I know though their is no way I could afford 4000 grand to have it done locally. I guess i need to do more checking but I agree price should not be an option when it comes to your vision or health.

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    $4,500 sounds like it has gone down. I use to see a nurse for a doctor that did like 5 or 6 a day and I think she said he was getting $7,000 for both eyes.

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    What are you willing to spend if they screw up and you can’t see ever again???
    For me glasses would surface till I got the money to have it done right.
    There is a guy here most of you know (I wont post his name) has had numerous eye surgeries due to diabetes and his vision still is not great
    I’d be willing to bet he would pay a lot more than 4 grand to be able to see

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    Everyone that I know that had it done (7 people) have had it done here with FANTASTIC results!

    I'm not sure where you are in Michigan, but this is located in north central Indiana.

    When my ex-husband had it done a couple of years ago (both eyes) it was $3700.00.

    The way I see this, it's kind of like an HVAC system. The cheapest isn't always the best! I wouldn't mess around with something as important as vision!

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