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Thread: Bilingual Techs

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    I love how these low-flying idiots come in here and presume that they know who someone is.

    Should I reveal my ethnic heritage to this moron???

    Let's take a vote.

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    Well...keep talking till you're blue in the face.

    I've made my point. People are entilted to their opinion.

    I am not changing my views on the situation.

    I'm done with you. Go pick on the immigrants who want to take your job.

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    East Stroudsburg, PA
    Originally posted by yorkie820

    I've made my point. People are entilted to their opinion.

    A contradiction from a previous post.

    Worthy of note.

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    Wow , this is a great thread.

    A vote for the rednecks from SoCal.(just north of the Mexican border) SoCal has gone to hell. From what I hear , it's that way all over.

    Hell yeah ,it should be even more difficult to get into this country.

    Both sides of my family came here from Poland and Germany in the early 1900's
    Both sides were expected and did learn the language of the country they immagrated to.

    They did not wait for someone to learn their language or try to change this country to eastern Europe.

    I think that's where everyone gets pissed off. Fit in , or leave.

    Don't litter , pay your taxes , don't live with 4 families in a single family home .

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    You know you guys are stereo typing. I come from a mexican background and proud of it. My parents own a home, pay their taxes and became citizens of the U.S of A. My dad even works 2 jobs full time. I dont discriminate anyone. If in order to make money you have to adapt to any changes. For example, most asians learn both Spanish and English to make more profit. If you guys are close minded to only 1 language then you are closing doors for yourselves.

    Please dont take this as a bash to anyone. I just see things on a bigger picture. As do most companies where nationalities have a section of the map serviced and another nationality on the other section.

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    Nobody sterotypes on this board.
    I will try to make it simple.
    Mexicans and blacks are lazy.
    Pols are dumb.
    French are ignorant.
    Irish and Russians are drunks.
    Middle easterners are nut cases.
    English are fags.
    White Americans are paranoids on prozac.
    Italians are criminals.
    Canadians are pot smoking hippies.
    Sweeds are porn freaks.
    Asians and Scots are money hoarders.

    If I left anybody out, let me know.

    PS. I am on the list too.
    I am an ignorant paranoid. What are you?

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    If you can't speak English

    Then get the HELL out of MY country!!

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    Like I said. If you are bilingual then that is great. I see no reason to learn the language of what amounts to a invading army or someone breaking into my house and country.

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    When I was a kid during the 50's I heard the parents of kids in my neighborhood speak the following languages:

    German, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Czech and Russian. None of them demanded signs in their native language or that the schools teach their kids in their native tongues.

    Our language is what binds us a people.....if you don't want to be a part of us .... go home. E Pluribus Unum...from many one.

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    I want to be a canadian.

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    The other accepted language debated in America at one time was German. The original English is not spoken anymore either. Now we speak "American".

    Personally, I don't care where (and in most cases) how someone gets here as long as they work hard and hold their own. If someone is here illegally, I'd rather that was the touchstone than politics. Give them citizenship or green card. They proved it.

    Benjamin Franklin considered the Pennsylvania Germans to be a "swarthy" racial group distinct from the English majority in the colony. In 1751 he complained, "Why should the Palatine Boors be suffered to swarm into our Settlements, and by herding together establish their Language and Manners to the exclusion of ours? Why should Pennsylvania, founded by the English, become a Colony of Aliens, who will shortly be so numerous as to Germanize us instead of our Anglifying them, and will never adopt our Language or Customs, any more than they can acquire our Complexion?" (The papers of Benjamin Franklin. Ed. Leonard W. Labaree. New Haven: Yale Univ. Press, 1959. vol 4:234).

    The Germans were accused by other eighteenth-century Anglos of laziness, illiteracy, clannishness, a reluctance to assimilate, excessive fertility, and Catholicism. They were even blamed for the severe Pennsylvania winters. (Feer 1952, 403; Mittelberger 1898, 104). Most irritating to Pennsylvania's English-firsters in the latter 1700s was German language loyalty, although it was clear that, despite community efforts to preserve their language, Germans were adopting English and abandoning German at a rate that should have impressed the rest of the English-speaking population.

    There still are German speaking populations in the US. "Herding"? Ben was a pompous ass.

    Ben would be totally lost with todays English but guess what - he would learn what's predominant and got him through the day. Language doesn't make you part of the country or define anything. It's the people and the ideals.

    Bi-lingual - Excellent. Being Bi-lingual helps out your brain and makes you smarter. The more A/C's you sell to these working families the better. Their kids will be seeing how sucessful Americans operate.

    They might not speak the language, and have different culture, but they are hard working industrious people making their life better let them go. I get the feeling that most of them want something better than Mexico.

    I met this Polish guy who was being a laborer for a resi-house builder. Green card. Not much English. Hard worker/nice guy. Started to get to know him and find out the guy was really an electrician. Explained HVAC and asked him if he was interested. Apprenticeship finished, he's one of the better guys you can get. -Least important part for me was the Green card.

    The problem isn't "all these Mexicans" flooding the borders. It's more getting to know the good ones and letting them stay and then excercising the law to get rid of the bad ones.

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    Originally posted by ozone drone

    . E Pluribus Unum...from many one.
    YOU'RE POSTING IN LATIN!!???!! Get out of my country you commie Roman Ba$tard. (You're probably Catholic to boot!)

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    if i went to work in south america noone would comfort me by translating everything i needed to conduct business

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