This is not about the race card. This is where the misconception happens. This has nothing to do with defending my bretheren or letting people have a free ride.

Learning the language of the land is a requirement for many reasons. One, it is a means of survival and a tool to move forward. Two, it is an advantage to become bilingual. Dowadudda makes a point. Just because someone doesn't see the big picture of the issue we are labeled racist. Racism is a form of ignorance.

However, the government has made it difficult to allow immigrants into this country. After 9/11, it became worse. There has always been a problem with illegal immigrants for years now, especially coming from the Mexican border. But what you fail to see, condenseddave, is these immigrants are no different than you and I. They want a better life and want to work as hard as you and I. So you label them as criminals for crossing the borders illegally. But ask why? They want a better life too. I'm not condoning crimes but what else is an immigrant to do to come here?

BTW condenseddave, try reading about Che and what his vision was for Latin America. Watch the movie "The Motorcycle Diaries" and get back to me. Down there is a much bigger gap of the haves and the have-nots. You don't know this but he and Fidel has a fallout in Cuba during the early years. So don't talk to me about how smokescreen. Why don't you talk to Mr. 9/11-commission smokescreen guy who we call the president.