I'm from USA but am totally fluent in Spanish due to my time in South America. I'm curious, What steps are companies taking to deal with the tremendous influx of foreign speaking people in this country.In my area, a lot of Spanish speaking home-owners are very cash rich and love to spend money on Air conditioning. I find that if I show respect to their families and culture and communicate with them in their language I sell a lot of systems. I also get recommendations from the entire family and from their friends. This typically numbers in the dozens. It seems that once one of the family buys a new system everone wants one.

And please none of the redneck "if they want to live here learn english" garbage. It's true people should speak the main language of the country that they live, but that is a perfect world and is at this moment in time contrary to reality. Providing HVAC to the immigrant communities of different languages is a key to compete with larger companies without the overhead.