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    I do automotive work for friends/family, and I only ever charge the part cost. Nobody ever came back and wanted their money back...

    I once did a full engine replacement in a friend's car (just charged her parts) and it turns out I routed a coolant hose too close to the engine. It rubbed a hole about 6mo later and left her stranded. She had it towed to a dealer and they fixed it - she was out abotu $200 for the tow/work. When I offered to pay he half the cost of the tow/work she turned that down, reminding me how much money she saved on having me do the engine work (about $2k).

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    I now have only one friend, any more than that just costs to much time and money. thats one friend plus the imediate family members....and all there freaking G.D. friends. they all have no problem calling on a Sunday night, crud never breaks during a week day, that is unless it is during a holiday period.
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    Once I replaced a condenser fan motor for a "friend". Like you, I only charged him my cost for the motor and no labor. He never thanked me and wrote me an insufficient funds check. I finally ended up having to pay to have the check put in for collection but I got paid.

    A year later he called one evening while I was eating dinner and said that the a/c had gone out again. It was hotter than hell outside. I asked him if he was perspiring heavily, and he confirmed that he was. I replied "GOOD!!", hung up on him and proceeded to finish my dinner before it got cold

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    Seems there are a lot of goofs out there.
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    Yep there is and it boils down to no respect for the blue collar worker we get no thanks for our work It is assumed that we are too stupid to do office work thus blue collar work and as any one can do it it must be so simple to do therfore no respect for us - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    I guess I'm lucky

    We're going over to a friends place for dinner Sunday night. My buddie is from Europe so that means lots of food, beer, wine and after dinner Jagermeister.
    In return I will clean the glass on his fireplaces.
    Fair trade.

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