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    Frown Getting your Oregon LEB electrical license is a PITA

    I've been in the trade (incl. tech school in WA) for @ 5yrs. I moved to OR 2 yrs ago and have been wanting to get my LEB/LME low voltage electrical license - seems the best jobs require it. Initially I was told, by someone at the licensing office in Salem, that I just needed to accrue 4000 hours working for a company that has an electrical license then test for the license. I recently spoke with someone else who told me that I had been working "illegally" for the past 2 years and that to get the license I MUST enter into an apprenticeship program. The apprenticeship committee places you (as an apprentice) into a program with an employer of thier choosing (who is the listed training agent). If I were to do this it would mean a pay cut of @50%, at least for the next 5 years or so.

    I am amazed how difficult the state of Oregon makes it for those of us trying to get into the system AND how they make working "illegally" the only practical option for those of us who can't afford (because of bills, family, etc)to work as a trainee. I'm so frustrated with the whole thing I'm considering giving up HVAC and trying my hand at some other occupation! I really want to hear some good news if there is any....

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    Did you get your information from the people who give out the licenses? If not I would go right to the horses mouth to get the info.
    I do not know about the US, I have asked and not received too many answers.
    In Ontario Canada, if you have experience that can be verified by pay slips, work records ect, you can use that time to go against what is needed to challenge the license, and write your exam.(provided you have the necessary education to go along with the time)
    Do not get discouraged, hang in there, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
    If you get your electrical license you may be the person changing that light!

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    You need to fill out the forms and have them signed by your supervisor/past employer to show that you have the experience. You talked to the lady in the office, didn't you? She tried to tell me the same thing, then I talked to the lead dude about my military experience and he gave me the real info. All of the forms are on the Oregon State website.
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