You try to get some old timer to leave their house. You would have to physically remove them.

Being able to drive out of harms way is a luxury and maybe some of those people do not have cars or the means to get away.

Others are stubborn, stupid even.

You ever spent an hour in an attic? Think there are a few roasted dead in those attics right now?

See what it is like when you go through some adverse conditions. I thought I went through something bad, but it is much worse than anything I went through in New Orleans right now.

And all those other people, all along the gulf coast, and inland. How about just deport them north?

My insurance went up after 9/11, my fuel costs go up, will always be higher than yours, my mutual funds take a dip when Clinton gets a blow job, but I am going to help out those poor people up there.

What goes around comes around, in your time of need when you are your most vunerable and just need a hand up, I hope some one kicks you in the teeth *******!