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    You try to get some old timer to leave their house. You would have to physically remove them.

    Being able to drive out of harms way is a luxury and maybe some of those people do not have cars or the means to get away.

    Others are stubborn, stupid even.

    You ever spent an hour in an attic? Think there are a few roasted dead in those attics right now?

    See what it is like when you go through some adverse conditions. I thought I went through something bad, but it is much worse than anything I went through in New Orleans right now.

    And all those other people, all along the gulf coast, and inland. How about just deport them north?

    My insurance went up after 9/11, my fuel costs go up, will always be higher than yours, my mutual funds take a dip when Clinton gets a blow job, but I am going to help out those poor people up there.

    What goes around comes around, in your time of need when you are your most vunerable and just need a hand up, I hope some one kicks you in the teeth *******!
    The way we build has a greater impact on our comfort, energy consumption and IAQ than any HVAC system we install.

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    Originally posted by outside rep
    Damn and ouch I didnt mean it to sound mean ( just annoyed at a few things) to some of these people but arent you all getting tired for paying for others stupidity
    To say that you didn't mean to sound insensitive is a load of crap. You knew exactly what you were saying, everyone got your point.

    If i do somethinig wrong should Dice pay for it
    If I get a speeding ticket should Carnak get points on his license and pay for the ticket
    If I park in the wrong spot and get a ticket should James pay for it yeah its not a very good example.
    Now you're being assinine. They were not deliberately being reckless. Millions of people that live down there ride out Hurricanes year after year and have lived afterwards. No one expected the devistation to be so great. One thing you also forget, once a mandatory evacuation goes into effect you're on your own. No one can make you leave your home by force.

    Yes I do feel bad for a few of these people BUT not for the ones who are still trapped in there attics (PLEASE HOW DUMN DO YOU HAVE TO BE) all of these people where given more than ample time to leave yes it does suck they have lost all there stuff BUT what do you expect for living in a city that is bascilly under water except for some dirt that is holding the ocean back.
    Do you understand anything about histrory, especially a city that was started in the 1700's? Let's see, that's almost 300 years... I'm sure you're going to know the topography of your landscape 300 years from now. They made some mistakes, big deal, you learn from them and move on, you don't just abandon billions of dollars worth of infrastructure, history and culture because of the statistics of a natural disaster. Over the many hurricanes that have blown over N.O. the levees have work fine, no reason that they would fail this time, but they did. So when the water came up, the people went to where they could.

    If the shoe was on the other foot, and your relatives decided to ride out the storm like thousands of others, mind you, many of them do not have transportation, you would want them to be saved and save. Regardless of their decision to stay or not. People make mistakes.

    And those people that live on califonia hopefully they get a earthquake hard enough to nock them into the sea. You complain about some of the dumbest things that happen some of the dumbest laws in the county come from that state.
    All states have dumb laws. But being happy about people dying, because of your sick sense of poetic justice?

    You're sick and should seek psychological help. You said earlier "I didnt mean it to sound mean". You hippocrite!


    Some of you probaly think the same way on a few things but not on all things but a few

    Yes I do feel sorry for them that they are humans and that they are americans.
    No you don't. Backpeddling now is too late. You've already stuck your neck out and everyone here is taking a swing.

    Around here your not aloud to build your house in a flood plain. If you must you dont get flood insurance.
    If you live in a area that gets Tornados all the timeyou shouldnt be aloud to get Tornado Insurnce its you own dumb fualt for living there. If you live on the side of the ocean and you house falls into the ocean every two or three years why should you be aloud to either rebulid or get money for your stupidty
    Er? Ever hear of 16 inches above the 100 year flood stage?

    How often do tornadoes strike in the same place with any predictability? What about houses on barrier islands? Come to think of it, Long Island, Manhattan and Staten Island are full of Idiots!!!! They average 6 ft. above sealevel and have many low lying areas. Come to think of it, there are areas that always flood.

    What do you think premiums are for?? I've paid thousands of dollars in premiums over the years and have not ever made a claim.. That is what pays for the other claims. It's the part of inflation you're forgetting about. Remember paying $85,000 for that house 5 yrs. ago that now sells for $400,000? The insurance company pays the 2nd number. That is why premiums go up you knucklehead.

    Yes since this has never happend before in this area yes we should help them out as much as possible but rebuild the city in the excat same spot please why. If you live in florida and in a trailer why should you be aloud to have trailer insurce you know ahead of time that someone basicly farts in that area you house is going to blow away.
    1, yes, rebuild New Orleans where she is. It's a part of the fabric that makes up this wonderful country.
    2,Tell that to the Norwigens who also have an entire country that is below sealevel. Maybe they'll rethink things.
    3, Mobile homes are all that some families can afford because they are basically closed out of the housing market, like my self. I live in a mobile home. It is my house, my home. That is all I can afford in the city that I grew up in because I cannot compete with the people who can walk up with a brown bag with 500,000 in cash in it.

    I dont want to seem as mean or heart less ....
    Yes you do. You're enjoying it.

    Why are we nicer to people who rape kill destroy others lives the get basiclly a free vacation for life sure its in one that there stuck there for ever but they have this right that right screw that
    It's called civilization, not barbarianism. I'm not saying that the system is perfect, but it does work. You just never hear about it. Try joining a prison ministry and you'll find people that were mislead, abused as children and just made bad decisions in life.

    You kill some one you die
    You rape some one you die
    You contiually Drink and Drive you should die
    Three strikes and you out law( one of the few good things to come out of California) should not be you go to prision for life you should die
    You kill someone you die? So soldiers that kill deserve death? Rape, I think making them eunuch's would be a more fitting punishment. Drinking and driving is just irresposiblility and death is a bit steep for a punishment.
    Plus, I'm no one to judge. I'm an HVAC technician.
    There needs to be more death peanlaty items NOT LESS those people who are looting stores that have things not needed for life basiclly anthing other than food store should be shot on site
    Who cares if they're stealing TV's from Wal-Mart? What the hell are they going to do with them? What is going on is the some thing that is expected when society deterioriates to anarchy. It happens after every major catastrophy. Who cares they're stealing, focus on the people that need to be saved. T.V's can be replaced.

    yes it does suck for these people down there no doubt and i would more than happy to help I have three times already for three huricanes already once in florida once in Alabama and once down where Carnak lives paid for it myself and spent a month at a minum to 3 months max fully paid for by myself threw the RED CROSS and my church I am more than happy to help anyone here for there qouting programs so they can be more profitable so they can have happy customers and happy employess (for the little I can)
    Through your church? You're a christian and that is the attitude you have? "Lord save me from your followers!!"

    But arent you tired of paying for others who dont do it or wont do it for themselves. I dont mind helping the hanicap mental or physical since they cant but I hate to do stuff for other who are just plain lazy.
    Geez, I'm sure Jesus is tired of paying for your sins by now... Even though you keep on sinning.. What's that verse? "Go and sin no more"?
    Happiness is the only good. The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to make others so.
    -Robert Green Ingersoll

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    Dead Lady In Wheel Chair

    You see that one on the news rep, old lady dead in her wheel chair in front of the convention centre.

    I guess she deserved it for not being able to wheel herself out of town.
    The way we build has a greater impact on our comfort, energy consumption and IAQ than any HVAC system we install.

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    Originally posted by outside rep

    I dont want to seem as mean or heart less ....

    Then you should stop posting.

    You are making an ass of yourself.

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    Outside Rep:

    EAT MY ASS!!!....raw, cooked, or however you prefer.....JUST EAT IT!! IMO, you are a whining titty-baby who isnt even dry behind the ears yet. GO TO HELL!!!!!
    In honor of Murray Woodgate (aka Carnak) 1961 - 2010

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    This thread has become just as funny at this point as it was disturbing when it began.


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    I have not been able to grasp the funny part of it.

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    I have lost any respect that I had of you. Last night on the news they were showing a father and a newborn baby. Neither have had any water, and the baby hasn't had any formula for a couple of days. How does a newborn baby deserve something like that. Having a little one at home myself I thought for a moment how I would feel, it brought tears to my eyes. If I could I would go down there and give that little baby all the formula she could drink. Rep, you sir are one sick individual. In your previous posts you keep mentioning welfare. What has that got to do with a natural disaster. Yes these are poor areas of the country with a lot of people on welfare. They are on welfare because there are no jobs in the area that pay a living wage. While you are being stingy with your money shopping at walmart and buying everything made in China to save a few bucks, you actually helped put those people on welfare by sending their jobs overseas. A lot of the victims down there are the elderly and the very young, these are the very people that can't take care of themselves in a natural disaster. Rep, you really need to look at how you view the world you sick S.O.B!!

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    I do not like this thread. Enough is enough. Thread Closed

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