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    Hello all, I just wanted to add a little information on what the manufactures of various types of refrigeration equipment manufacturers use in the process of charging and testing the units ensure a quality product for you to install and work with on a daily basis. As I went to school and an through an apprenticeship for hvac&r I wondered what type of machinery was used to charge and test units when they were manufactured. After several years of education and field experience, I accepted a a position for a company that was opening up a office here in the US that made this process refrigeration machinery that is used in the process of testing and charging end user units. I would just like to give an inside viewpoint on what methods and "extreme" parameters companies use to do this. When i referance "company", this could mean any possible company.
    Most manufactures spend large amounts of money on various manufactures of top of the line machines to leak test, vacuum, charge and performance of the units to produce quality units for your type of work.
    Most companies are required to perform certain test for internal standards as well as industry standards. These example will vary depending upon the type of circuit.

    Leak testing/Mechanical stress:
    Ever ever use your handheld halogen sniffer or dye for leak test?
    Companies use mass spectrometer that can detect up to 3/10 of a gram per year or even less with a vacuum chamber.
    (cost:13-22k or a chamber can be more than 200k)

    Ever worry about your pressure getting to high and cause possible damage to coil or a solder joint?
    I have seen stress testing up to 800 psi on coils before, can also check for clogging and cap tube flow.(cost around 8-20k)

    While performing to vacuum a system have you ever considered 400 microns low enough for vacuum? Some companies go down to 30 microns.
    I remeber my first vacuum pump, Robinair 6 cfm. I also remember the
    Companies use up to 6-57 cfm (or larger) vacuum pump and with a large price tag.
    (cost: 2-8k)

    How you ever considered just getting a charge close?
    Companies use equipment can can have an accuacy of 1 gram for less than 200 grams and .5% for over 200 grams.
    (cost:8-60k depending on how many refrigerants per machine) with charge rate of over 10 oz per second

    They also do more various test from actual running the unit and giving a performance test using "smart software" etc.. There are many more test and machines available, but i wont go into that. I just wanted to an insight on what companies use to manufacture up to 550 units per 8 hour shift (large production is generally refrigerators)

    So if you ever complain about the cost of service equipment, just remember what companies spend on it before it makes it to the market.
    I will provide a link here, I really dont think anyone here would ever use this type of equipment, but the link is only for pictures and description of what the machines look like. There is NO PRICING OR INTENT TO SELL anything here.
    Admins, feel free to remove link if you feel this is inappropriate.


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    Oh great another Goodman rep.

    Cool stuff.

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    Originally posted by mattm
    Oh great another Goodman rep.

    Cool stuff.
    LOL...I not a goodman rep or a rep for any manufacture of end user units. I am the Service Tech for Galileo TP based out of Florence Italy. We do have many customers here in the US and Canada that do manufacture and supply various units. I do not make reference to any specific customers, due to that is not the objective of this thread. One big advantage for me in this position is that I do get to keep up with new technologies of the manufacturing processes as well as where we are going to go with the R134A phase out
    I hope that some may find this information somewhat interesting.

    Best regards,

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