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    Didn't break down like Beenie, thank God.
    Right outside of the very beautiful and historic inner harbor area is the hood of B-More, like 15 blocks and you are in crazyville...
    We stopped for gas there as I was low, had to pay first, no credit card at pump, crappy gas station, guy behind bullet proof window takes your money, he can almost speak english.
    I am up there in line feeling very out of place, and this hooker is in front of me, hiking her short skirt up to show her underwear and all wacky, she falls back into me and says ohhhhhhhhh I'''''m ssorryyyyyy and she is smashed, smells like booze, lotsa booze.....this goes on till I finally get back to my car. My wife had the car doors locked. We get going and look back to see the drunken hooker try to cross a busy 3 lane road, we are like, she is gonna get hit......and she almost does, it is close, then she staggers across the street and is throwing something around.........didn't look back to see the rest.....pretty funny.
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    are you sure that wasn't Shaun66 I think he's a cross dresser. Try to think back ( I know thats hard for you ) did this supposed hooker ask you what color you would like?
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    It wasn't Shaun, I told her I wasn't interested but suggested a day trip to Fig Newton. I said there are lots of horney hvac guys up there, with lots of money to blow, she was headed towards the bus station as we pulled out.
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