"Did you know the Japanese use the same word for crisis as they do opportunity?"

"That's exactly what i need, crisatunity!!!"

well, America still hasn't figured out that, "the problem with our economy" is that businesses just don't feel like paying people anymore, as they collect record profits.

i predict the Socialist welfare state is going to increase several times. (which i'm sure is no accident)

society is not providing jobs, why work?
picture it! America 2012, ...you're hoping to find a job picking grapes so you sneak into the country from Canada,
you work a couple of years, buy a house for 20 grand, then go on welfare for the rest of your life, you're retired at 21.
i figure you only need about 6 grand per year to survive.

i heard it straight from the mouth of the horse the other day, a Messikin lady we know is worried because her kids are getting older and her welfare money is going to be reduced.
her, her kids, and her grand kids are all professional couch sitters.
they say people don't have children to collect welfare, ...well somone might want to tell her that, cus apparently she does.

Socialist conspiracy, bring the whole planet over here to sit on their ass ,collecting money extorted from working Americans, ..and...give them more money for more children.
then when the whole system goes bankrupt the Socialists will say, "see, your capitalist system doesn't work!"