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Thread: spider bots.

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    Nov 2004

    Okay guys,
    Let's pull together as a team now...time to whup some spider booty.

    how do we rid this place of "spiders"?
    should we log off and wait or take some other actions?

    any ideas?

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    Nov 2004
    Just my luck,this was the 13,000th thread in General Forum.

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    what are spider bots and hat do they do ...what affect do they have on a computer?

    I have already seen what it does to the answers on "cool quiz"

    but what kind of harm are we talking about now

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    Nov 2004
    there was a sign that said search function has closed because "web spiders".I think that was the term used,but I cant double check that because the sign is down and the search function is open now.


    still I think a list of do's and dont's would be helpful to everyone.

    I dont have alot a time and it was really crampin my style

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