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How do you intend on getting your phone to ring for those service calls and estimates? Check the prices on advertising before you make your decision. Word of mouth is great, but takes years to get going. You will need a mechanical contractors license, and an electrical license will be very helpful too. You will need to do load calcs to be in compliance with the law as well. Good Luck. Oh, and one more thing, dont go around undercutting everyone else, it hurts our industry. There is a reasonable dollar amount you should be getting for every installation. I have seen some tards doing complete installs here in NC for $xxx.00 dollars. Yes, in the triple digits. Thats pathetic. What type of equipment are you gonna sell? Does it start with a G?
I'll get this sometimes from folks calling me with rental properties. They'll have the equipment and want me to install it. I'll price it over the phone, using the normal method, (my normal price roughly for supplying and installing that size equipment in that situation, minus about 10% for not supplying the equipment). The person will usually be " My normal guys usually does it for "x"." ;a sum far beneath what I would I would charge to just tear their old system out. At that point they either start with how much work they have they want me to do, or they hang up. Either way, its their equipment, so guess they need to get busy putting it in, I ain't.