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    Dont be a fool like me. ive had insurance my whole life except for the last year now. i started my current job a little over a year ago. when i started they said they were getting insurance very soon, cause the buisness was growing alot. i asked about the insurance a few weeks after starting they said someone was coming in to do the insurance. i filled out all the forms. weeks passed and no word on insurance. ends up the lady quit in which we gave the forms to. few months pass and i ask again about insurance. we fill the forms out again, and weeks later no word. i cant remember the bosses excuse on that one.
    So finally about 3 weeks ago they get the forms in again for insurance. they decided to do the 401k plan first. and later they would go over the insurance.
    It was too late i got kidney stones 2 weeks ago. most horrible thing i have ever been thru. i thought i was going to die. the local hospital wouldnt help me because of no insurance. the stone was 8.5mm the human body can only pass 5mm or less. the hospital shot me up with morphine and gave me enough pain pills to last 2 days. i called the urologist and couldnt get in for 2 weeks even though i was dieing. i couldnt get more pain pills because the ER doesnt give prescriptions and i didnt have a family doctor.
    I ended up going to st. louis cause i couldnt function enough to get help. my kidney started failing then and i had to get the stone removed immediatly. i was in constant pain, and when i wasnt in pain all i could do was think about how much its going to hurt when it starts again. i got the stone removed last friday, i wont get into that cause it was the most horrible feeling.
    I am finally feeling better and its just starting to hit me that i am going to owe over 20k in medical bills. i go back into work tommorow so i am going to ask the boss to help me pay for this. he has treated me good, but i think he doesnt care. all he cares about is making money. i have started sending out resume's just in case. i will update this when i hear what the boss says tommorow.
    never underestimate the power of the darkside.

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    and thats how i spent my summer vacation that i worked so hard for
    never underestimate the power of the darkside.

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    Thank God for health insurance. I was lucky with my current job and got it for only $14 every two weeks (my part). A couple of months ago I was having chest pains and went into the ER and ended up being admitted for the night. Turns out I have had a couple of mild heart attacks and have some other issues going on. I have just started getting all the bills from the hospital and doctors and everyone else who has their hand out and it has totalled over $35k. My portion to the hospital and everyone else has been $150. Now I have spent close to $400 on medications but I can't imagine what it would be if I didn't have the insurance.

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    Thank God for health insurance, Amen.

    When I was laid-off a few years back, a local company offered me a full-time job with benefits. On my first day they said "you have to sign up with the temporary agency". "I thought this was full-time w/bennies?" I asked. They said "you have to work as a temp two weeks until your background-check clears."

    I should have quit immediately, but I believed them.

    Two weeks went by, then four weeks. When I confronted the boss about my benefits, he said "the lady that handles all of that is on maternity leave".

    I believed them.

    I waited another month. During this time I let my COBRA coverage lapse.

    Four months into the new job, they finally told me "you won't get full-time or benefits for AT LEAST 1 year".

    I went straight out and found a new job. My benefits started on the first day. Funny thing is, I had several job offers during that time, and I just kept believing the lies.

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    My last employer just kept stringing me along with one delay after another and when I would ask about things I was labeled as a pestering employee. Glad I'm outta there. Now Farmer's Almanac is predicting another mild winter. I wonder how long their current employees will sit at home. One of them just told me that they're finally going to take the NATE exam. They were promising that over a year ago!!!!

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