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    Confused FUBAR Install Need some help with TXV question.

    Ok... I've got a system,res 2 ton r22 1 heat 1 cool. gas furnace and evap coil installed last year in oct, and cond unit installed in 05. orig issue was system was just not cooling right. Another comany installed furn and coil last year and customer states that they have had non stop problems out of the system since the furn and coil was installed. They have had the same company out 3 time and they were told the system was doing all it could. Seeking second oppinion they called our compay out. when i got to the home i found the system completely leaked down and compressor out on overload. i charged system with N and trace gas to perform leak search. i found leaks at solder joints at evap coil and liquid line dryer joints, coil still had 410a txv installed from factory. I repaired leaks and installed correct txv and new filter dryers suction and liquid charged system with nitrogen and pressure tested all is good also installed sight glass at evap coil began pulling vacuum pulled down to 1500 microns after 4 hour vac was pulled broke vac with nitrogen, began another vacuum let it run through the night until about lunch the next day found the system only pulled down to 1100 microns. I know thats not far enough but i tried to charge unit anyway. problem im having is i can get the correct subcooling but the suction pressure is about 80 and high side is at 210 and thanks to the sight glass i can see the the r22 is flashing off before it gets to the tvx and i can only get around 12 to 13 TD.
    ARE THERE ANY THOUGHTS ???????????????????????

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    I got some ideas. We will be discussing it in pro forum. Get your post count up and join!
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