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    Question Question re: Programmable Thermostat (hold function)

    Hello all. I recently moved into a condo that I'm renting, and it has a White Rodgers 1F94-371 programmable thermostat. I found a manual for it online but it didn't really answer my question. I have never used a programmable thermostat before.

    I live in North Carolina where it has been really hot for the past week or so, and I turned the AC on last week for the first time. I set the temp at 78, which is fine for me. I didn't notice until today that the thermostat constantly reads "HOLD" while it is on. I've always used thermostats that just show "AUTO". So, I pushed the "system/mode" button. At that point, the display changes from showing HOLD constantly to alternating between HOLD and AUTO. Pushing "system/mode" again goes to heat, and then one last push turns the system off.

    So here's my question, if I leave the system in HOLD mode the whole time my AC is running, am I using a lot more electricity that when the display is alternating between HOLD and AUTO? I've had the AC on constantly without turning it off for the past week. I work from home, and it has been over 90 degrees here. I hadn't turned it off at all until tonight, so it has been in HOLD mode that whole time. Have I made or huge mistake that I'll pay for when I get my bill? I just heard my father's voice come out of me as I declared that I hate this new-fangled crap! I want a regular old thermostat. Cool, heat, off. That's all I need. I hope this has made some kind of sense. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Use program if you want it to cut back at night or if you leave at certain times during the day.

    The HOLD feature will hold the Temp at the selected temp till you adjust it or Run Program.

    As far as how much it will cost you don't blame the T-stat. Depends on the units efficency and if its sized right for your home. Keep your filters clean monthly and have a company service you equipment to get it right and longevity. Keep it close to the same temp all day and if your house is insulated right you will be ok.

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    I guess I don't see the difference between using the hold feature if I haven't programmed anything vs. just a regular old thermostat where it stays at the selected temperature. Isn't that the point of any thermostat? If I set it on 78, it cools the place to 78 and then turns off. When the temp rises above 78, it turns on to cool it back down. No hold needed. I am still trying to find an explanation regarding the display showing "HOLD" vs alternately flashing "HOLD and AUTO" .

    I wasn't blaming the thermostat. Not sure where you got that from. I even stated I didn't know if I had made a huge mistake, so if anything I was blaming myself. I was simply asking a question regarding how it works given that I've never used a programmable thermostat before. As for having the equipment service, as I stated, I am renting. I will contact the homeowner if the unit isn't working properly. But other than that, she's not going to send anyone out here to evaluate the efficiency of the unit.

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    The hold setting essentially turns your thermostat into a non programmable one so you're
    right there is no difference. It is nice to have the option of programmed schedules though.

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    When a programmable t-stat has a program entered, there are 2 ways to override the programmed temperature.

    #1. Using the temperature set button, simply select the new temperature you would like to maintain until the next programmed event. Whenever the program next tells the t-stat to go to a new temperature, it will go there, despite your having selected some other temperature.

    #2. If you want to override the programmed temperature and have the t-stat disregard the program entirely until you tell it to do otherwise, then you select the new temperature and push the 'HOLD' button. The t-stat is now ignoring all programmed events and will keep the temperature selected until manually instructed to do otherwise.

    Example #1. Your t-stat is set to maintain 78F from 8:00 am to 4:00 PM, when it is set to go down to 76F until 10:00 PM, when it will go down to 72F. But today you're working from home and want the temperature to be 72F all day and evening. So you just push the setting down from the programmed 78F to 72F and work along. But at 4:00 PM, it will revert to the program and the t-stat will automatically reset the room setting to 76F, then go back to 72F at 10:00 PM.

    Example #2: Same as above but now when you're at home for the day, you select 72F and then press "HOLD". When 4:00 PM comes along, the t-stat ignores the programmed change to 76F and thus stays at the "HOLD" temperature of 72. It will continue to maintain 72F until it is taken out of "HOLD" by a human being. So even when the next morning comes, it will NOT go to 78 at 8:00 am. It will continue "HOLD" at 72F the next day, the next night, on and on until someone removes the "HOLD" command and puts the t-stat back into the program mode.
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