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    Jordon Worktop 2 Door Cooler - Fixable?

    I have a Jordon Worktop 2 Door Cooler that came into my possession for nearly nothing. Build quality is pretty good, it has the thickest insulation I have seen.

    I'm trying to determine if this unit is worth saving.

    Upon inspection I find:

    1. Nearly no refrigerant (R134a). Upon attaching the gauges, I got a weak hiss, and the needles didn't twitch. 0 psig.
    2. No acid smell as far as I could tell.
    3. The aluminum evaporator has a bunch of pinholes, widely distributed.
    4. The condensor and compressor look nearly new under visual inspection.
    5. Before figuring out that it wouldn't hold temperature, I ran it for 30 mins or so, the compressor was very quiet. This may be nothing. It's a techumseh.

    So, I'd like to determine the condition of the rest of the system.

    Here's what I figure I can do:

    a. Cut out the evaporator, braze the pipes closed and pressure test the system without the evaporator.
    b. Check the ohms on the compressor windings (no meggar )

    Is there anything else you guys would suggest?

    Is there anything I can assume from a rotten aluminum evaporator? This pinholes looked like they rotted from the inside outward.

    How does one test the oil for acid on small appliances? Do I have to cut the compressor out of the circuit and pour it out? Can I force it out with nitrogen?

    Even thought Jordon is out of business, I can get a replacement evaporator, same as the old one.


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    Oh two other items.

    I'm not worried too much about my time into this, as I'm chalking it up to my education.

    I hold an EPA 608 Universal Certification and the required local licensing.

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