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    May 2004
    Just heard ...gas will go up
    Does it ever go down?
    "If I had my life to live over again, I'd be a KA." - Albert Einstein

    It's later than you think.

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    May 2004
    Typical price gouging ST

    Gas this morning was 249... a few hours ago was 289.... a few minutes ago 329...

    Same station, same gas....

    Radio station prank said gas stations were going to close at 4 PM today....

    Lines at pumps are HUGE as the people panic to be first in line....

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    from other thread

    I left home this morning and filled up at 2.59 gallon regular unleaded. When I left the job site today it was 3.09 regular unleaded and there was a line 10-15 cars deep waiting to fill up. People are in panic mode because they say Atlanta will be out of gas by this weekend. I believe this it's a rumor but with this mindset they're going to make it a reality. Some gas stations have started rationing how much gas you can get.

    But, I'd rather be out of gas than have to suffer like the people in LA, AL, MS.

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    where you at?
    The storm has shut down oil operations in the Gulf of Mexico, representing about 8 percent of U.S. refining capacity or about 1 million barrels per day.

    How does this represent an immediate 20% rise in gasoline prices? Based on predicted shortages? It's still only an 8% reduction in output?

    oh well, one can thank the speculators trading oil/gas futures and the modern corporate thiefs known as the oil companies.

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    The Shell station I normally fill up at had regular for $2.63 yesterday and this morning it jumped to $2.95. I thought that was outrageous until I read some of the previous posts.

    I can hardly wait until tomorrow.

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    100's of miles away from this disaster the gas and lumber that they paid x for is instantly worth more only because they can get away with it. I can understand when they have to buy it at the higher prices to charge more but not the way its being done these days. Back in 1994 I had 100 sheets of 3/4 in. plywood bought and stored at the lumber yard for a project that we were to build boxes for new furnaces to sit on. We had a change order to eliminate the boxes and the lumber yard was glad to take it back because there was a hurricane between when I bought it and sold it back to them. I'm sure they passed the savings on to the customers.

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    Originally posted by Diceman
    You would think in times like this the oil companies would hold profits down and try to work with us. But of course it is not so, and why should it be, after all in a free market society and run away greed everything is OK.
    Well put, commrade. I couldn't have said it better myself.


    K. Marx

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    Hell, you would think lawyers and doctors would work with us also. Why is everyone passive on that yet raising hell about gas?

    A hurricane never hit the lawyer and doctor industry.

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    I just went for a ride on my motorcycle, had to get was up to $3.39, the owner just dropped it to $ down is better than up, I guess. Have to see what the coming days bring.

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    I'm about 20 miles south of Atlanta in Henry County and I actually paid $3.70 a gal this afternoon. Every gas station was either out of gas , or swamped with long lines. On the radio they were saying that prices @ some stations were up to $4.99 a gal. All I know is it's Labor Day weekend and it cost me $ 30. oo to fill up the damn jet ski. I think this year I will deduct actual cost instead of taking the standard mileage deduction....

    Just imagine the heating bills some people will have this winter.

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    all of my guys filled up at lunch.

    I took the two spare vans and topped them off.

    we are good till this Saturday then we will have to hit the spare vans for emergencies.

    Nothing anyone can do about it but ride the storm. (no pun intended)

    Be smart for the next few weeks and carefully concider each day.

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