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    I have been watching the news MSNBC and the diaster is the worst in U.S. history..1000's dead and homeless.

    But, I have got to tell you those people who are looting and getting new shoes and t.v. and guns. Just pisses me off.

    I think that they need to declare National Law and close off the streets to people and force them to go to centers until rescue efforts can be made and some sort of calm and order. There are people who really need help and the police and guard should force others to lend a hand to help the ones in need.
    The longer that they are allowed to run around in the city and break into business and loot and arm themselves the worse it will be .

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    It is almost now like they don't need to worry about the looters. Just get those people food and water and out of there. The looters were scum before this and they will be scum after.

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    It's gonna get........

    a lot worse before it gets better. I hope for the best.

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    I can not believe that in that kind of weather people are actually out looting!

    You mean to tell me that while the wind is sitting there blowing at 130 mph and the rain is pounding down, probably feeling like needles hitting your body, people are STILL out taking stuff?

    people never cease to amze me.

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    Think about it.

    flood damage. Food will be gone soon, diseases will break out. The rats will run out of food and start feeding on the looters and the rest who wouldn't get out. So what good is the merchandise that is left?

    Once most of the victims are rescued, the Nationl Guard and Police units can move in on the less desirable.

    If we had every dollar we have spent rescuing Iraq from Saddam, we could put all those refugees up in a Hilton for a year.

    This disaster should be a wake up call to us. We need to start thinking about our own interests and a lot less about the rest of the world, who, ironically could care less if the sea inundated us. They danced in the streets in Somalia after 9/11 and most of the dancers now live here in my state. Most on the dole no less.

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