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    410 a refrigerant

    Can you top off a 410a scroll air cooled chiller, or do you have to completely recover the charge.

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    Of course you can top it off. Why would you have to recover it all?

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    because it's a blend, and the refrigerant could become out of balance and cause your metering device to to flash.

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    How much is missing? few lbs? half the charge?
    Where did it go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellowirenut View Post
    How much is missing? few lbs? half the charge?
    Where did it go?
    about 25% of the charge is gone

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    the blend in 410a won't leak out at different rates anyways.

    You lost 25%? where'd it go to?
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    R-410A is a near azeotropic blend.

    It is resistant to fractionalization.

    But they still want you to handle it as though it will.

    Most people I talk to have good luck with 410 re-charges.

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