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    Variable speed fan and Heat Pump

    I upgraded my heating system, Bryant 80V variable speed fan natural gas unit, by adding a Heat Pump. The installed and I attempted to figure out why the variable speed fan was only operating on the low speed setting with no luck. Any ideas.

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    I don't know
    Have the installer check the board's dipswitch settings carefully.

    His installer should already know this

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    The installer did check the dipswitch settings. He is a recent graduate and not as familiar with the Bryant Plus80v circuit board. I was simply trying to help educate myself and him on the system. The installation manual also doesn't spell it out very well. There are three diferent sets of Dipswitches. One labeled SW-1 with about 8 switches, one AC with 3 and one SW-3 with 3. Tried several different configurations with no variable speed fan in the AC mode.

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    He can contact his distributor and ask the tech support guy there how to set it up, or trouble shoot it.
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    That is what we will need to do. It will need to wait until after the long weekend. Thanks for the reply.

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    It could be due to several things, so making guesses without being in front of the equipment could do more harm then good.
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    I reviewed all the wiring to the furnace circuit board and found the first stage compressor contact wire on the thermostat was improperly wired to the Y1 terminal on the furnace circuit board. Now it is wired IAW the furnace diagram. Now the fan speed is higher when the compressor turns on. The next step will be to try the DIP switches to allow the blower to vary its speed. Once again thanks for listening and providing any small insight.

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