Man Found Locked In Women's Prison Cell

POSTED: 3:25 pm EDT August 27, 2005

SAN ANTONIO -- Authorities are investigating how a male prisoner managed to lock himself up with eight female prisoners at the Wilson County Jail.

"We're assuming the motive was sexually related, but nobody is saying anything happened," Chief Deputy Johnie Deagen said Thursday in the online edition of the San Antonio Express-News. "Everyone says nothing happened, they only talked."

Officials believe Joseph Krist, 34, sneaked into the cell after he moved a mop and bucket from his cell into a vestibule located between his and the women's cell. Krist apparently didn't return to his cell, but instead stayed in the vestibule until the women's cell door was remotely opened by a jail employee for them to get the mop.

Deagen said of Krist was in the cell for about 11 hours Monday. He was jailed on a bank robbery charge.

Deagen said staff and inmates may face disciplinary action.