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    Quote Originally Posted by Bklyntek View Post
    I can understand ur frustration, it may b in the cooler bundle.
    York56,please confirm aren't cooler (pudin locales) rated to
    150psig. OP. inquire or check if they issues w/air in the loop
    System. Sometimes it Can go unnoticed by maint. Personnel.
    Its happened before, 2x since I've been in thee field.
    Can happen. Hope this helps.
    They are usually 150psig but I have seen some that were special ordered to 300psig , Now back to the OP so which one are we dealing with YCAS , YCAV , YCIV and so on. So next winter take all the gas out and put nitrogen in to 150psig if somebody steals it oh well , if it leaks into the other circut oh well guess you got a contaminated charge , if it leaks out then you have a leaker good luck to you bro your gonna need it. There are only so many places it can be you as a tech need to figure that one out.
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    I'm not sure of the exact model, I'll look when we do the start up in the near future. I'm thinking that next year we will do the same thing, isolate everything the best we can and continue to leak check the unit throughout the winter. Besides that, so far we've done everything by the book and found nothing. Time will tell...

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    we have had them leak several times on the economizer valve solenoid at the stem

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    put a fence around it, add a padlock. eliminate potential cause of others. Put a loose plastic cap over relief valves, if they blow the cap will be gone.

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