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Thread: Cell Phone Laws

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    The police , fire and other public servants use cell phones instead of their radios when they want a secure line or I should say a line that is more secure than their radios that can easily be monitored with a scanner.

    true cell phone conversations can be recieved by a scanner but as the call changes cell sights it is difficult to follow the same conversation

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    BTW, have you ever noticed people driving and talking on the phone at the same time, that do not notice simple things like THE TRAFFIC LIGHT CHANGING COLOR----

    what need to be said over the phone while you are driving that cant be said in a parking lot

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    in our area some LE depts use older radios that can be picked up with a cheap scanner. Some depts use MARCS, which is an 800mhz trunked radio system that requires more expensive equipment to monitor, but it can be done.

    Can digital cell conversations be scanned? I hadn't heard that was possible...

    I can see them using cellphones where they are transmitting information that woudl be of tactical advantage to any criminal organized enough to have a TrunkTracker... Or maybe he was finding out what is for dinner... It's difficult to second-guess him.

    As for enforcing versus making rules... If you found a large leak in a residential system and the homeowner asks you to charge the system but not fix the leak, then you'd refuse, right? EPA regulations etc, you gotta fix the obvious leak. That homeowner is gonna be mad at you, as enforcer of that rule, because you won't charge the system... "I don't make the rules..."

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    Ok, here's my opinion on cell phone laws...

    What a bunch of crap!

    I can understand that it "could" pose a danger to use the phone while driving. But so can changing the radio station, putting in a cd, talking to the kids in the back seat, putting on lipstick, etc. etc. etc. The point is, there is an unlimited number of things that could make a driver take his/her eyes off of the road. There is absolutely no way to eliminate all of these distractions!

    So why pick on people that use cell phones? I admit that I use mine while driving, and I have NEVER even come CLOSE to causing an accident because of it. It just requires a little common sense...

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    Buy someone you love a hands free microphone earplug thing

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