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    Due to all of the helpful information on this forum, I had the following system intalled.

    Furnace: Trane TUD080R9V4, 2-stage, 80,000 BTU, VS, Model XV80
    Evap Coil: TE50660C, 3-5 ton coil
    Air Conditioning: Trane 4TTX4048A1000a, 14 SEER, Model XL14i.

    Here's where I need additional help. I currently have a Robertshaw 9600 digital thermostat. It has the following wired (I know not to go by color of wire alone)
    red wire = RC/RH with jumper.
    white wire - W
    yellow wire - Y
    green wire - G

    blue & brown wire - not connected to thermostat

    I'm interensted in getting the Honeywell TH8320. Will my existing wiring be sufficient or do I need to have the installer back out to take advantage of any spare wires for the 2-stage and/or VS features of my new system?

    I live in the San Francisco East Bay. Common to have 100 degree days.

    Thank you so much for the excellent advice.

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    Have the Installer back out.
    It's not a D.I.Y. job.

    I counted 6 wires for
    single transformer
    2 stage heat/1 stage cooling
    Trane TUD080R9V3
    14 XLi
    Honeywell TH8320

    I had to have new wire pulled.

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    On the new stat, hook up a common from the stat to the board, also need a W2 from the stat to the board. Make sure you use the advanced setup to tell the stat you have 2 stage gas.

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