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    ....has anyone purchased Res. 4.0 or the commercial version

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    I have it. I'm sorry to say that I'm not impressed with it. I does not have a room by room calculation. You can still use it for block load and then approximate how much air is needed for each room. This may be ok for small structures like c stores but offices can be a pain. When ever possible I just use the resi program and compensate for the differences.

    Question for Don: Could you possibly reconfigure the resi version for commercial?

    I am very satisfied with the resi version. Hopefully it will be getting an update to ManJ 8th soon.

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    I've had them both for several years and like them.

    I agree that commercial could use room-by-room calcs, too, but it's never been a real problem.

    I'm still waiting for the camera calc I suggested, where I stand on the curb, take a picture and it does the calc, duct, baseboard, etc layout for me.

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