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    Currently I have a Carrier Infinity 2 Stage Variable Speed Gas furnace with 2 Speed Infinity 18 Air Conditioner. If some day I decide to upgrade to the two speed Heat Pump what else may need to be replaced besides the outdoor unit? Lineset? Evap coil? Would this be a fairly simple labor job for a service tech?

    Last Question: What would become of my 1 year old 38TDB? Is it possible the dealer would want to buy it back (real cheap)?

    Furnace: 58MVP80-14
    Coil: CK5PW036
    Condenser: 38TDB-3630
    Infinity Stat

    Would like to replace 38TDB with 38YDB or next year's more efficient model. With gas prices getting higher I'd like to check my options.

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    The line set may or may not need to be changed out, won't know that for sure till you have the unit installed. Carrier could use the same line size today, but change the size next year on the new model.

    I douobt theres much of a market for used high seer, no warranty condensers.(This would be between you and your contractor).

    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    H/P should be all that is needed, and to set the balance point on the control. Yes any capable service tech should be able to do the work aside from loading and unloading the equipment. Some dealers would trade with you and some wouldn't. Those new 20's are going to be nice.

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