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    Confused Which heat pump replacement assessment is correct?


    I just had three companies stop by for a quote on a new single-unit 2.5 ton heat pump on a two-story house. The house was built in 1993. The attic unit is dated 1994 (guessing original). The outside unit was replaced in 2002.

    We've lived in the house 2 years and had several problems. Freon recharged several times and a now the compressor is shot. (Not fun on 90-degree days in North Carolina.)

    When seasons change, we've regulated temp b/w floors by changing the damper in the attic and closing/opening cieling vents. Worked fine for us.


    Here's the summaries from the 3 guys...which all seem to be quite different. All companies were recommended by family or co-workers.

    Advice? Tips? Which sounds best? (we don't know pricing info yet, just going on info the provided)

    1 -- Said it was required by code to have ability to control temp within 4-6 degrees on each floor. Said he wouldn't take the job if we didn't include zoning system. He was the only one to look at our electrical panel and measure the outside of house.

    2 -- Said zoning was not required and explained it's too big of a job for him to do anyways. Explained the layout of the attic unit could be a problem to replace (only one to mention this)

    3 -- Said zoning was an option, but it was our choice. Said he would want to replace lines from unit that currently go through crawl space and run down side of house with cover. Said the oils of old/new system don't mix right in old pipes.

    What gives? How can they be all focusing on different problems and have different opinions on zoning?

    **We are still considering if zone is worth the extra expense since we've regulated the temp without it. Guy 1 mentioned I could find the company that installed the original unit and turn them in to the state board since they didn't follow code...and hope to get some type of reimbursment since he said I now have to fix it.

    Any advice is helpful...thanks in advance!

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    #1 is correct in his statement

    unless you have no local insp dept ( or one that doesn't know why it is in exiestance)
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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    You will get different opinion's from different techs all day long on a system for a 2 story house. I kinda agree with what they all said so far. Are these sales techs or salesman, or a tech?

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    1 is right and sounds like a reputable company. 2 sounds like he's never put in a zone system, and doesn't want to mess with the install. 3 sounds like they'll put in whatever you want, but it's going to be a 410A system.

    I would go with company number 1, and you'll enjoy having a zone system instead of opening and closing vents in the house. The reasoning behind changing the lines is because your old system used R22, and the new system will use 410A and no the oils do not mix very nicely. The old lines could be flushed, but since you stated you had leaks before, I would have new lines ran. The cover they will use kinda looks like an enclosed gutter. It's not unsightly, and should match the paint scheme on your house.

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    If I had a 2-story house it would be zoned or it would have two systems.

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