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    can anyone out there tell me if a standard up flow residential gas furnace can be installed horizonally and have it work properly without any modifications to the burners or heat exchanger?I just saw this done and cannot believe it could operate with the burners in the vertical position.

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    yes, most manufactures have a upflow/horizontal furnace. Meaning it can be used (obviously) as a upflow...or usually as a horizontal left. Air discharge left side. Or there is a downlow horizontal, which is the same, but horizontally discharges on the right.

    Also most manufacturers (except trane) have a multiposition furnace that you can turn any direction you want. Depends on the manufacturer as to how many things you have to change to make it work that way though.

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    But the manufactures installation manual that comes with your furnace will show you exactly what configuration your unit should be installed in

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    Originally posted by chriscraft
    I just saw this done and cannot believe it could operate with the burners in the vertical position.
    Well, the others are correct in one matter, there are several furnaces designed to allow for a horizontal install.

    BUT, I don't know of any manufacture that approves a burner in the vertical position! That would require the unit to be installed on it's back, which I have never seen this to be accepted or approved!

    Now, if you are saying the "manifold" is in the vertical position... or that the burners are on top of one another... that's another story.

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    residential furnace install

    Thanks for all the replies.Just to clairify things the furnace is a Lenox mod.#g40uh-60d-135-10.It was suspended horizonally,left side facing down and the vent out the top(right side).This left the burner manifold in a vertical position.

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    Try Armstrong the upflow T model can be used for upflow or horizontal, feft or right.

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    The Ruud UGRAs burner manifold is vertical when in the horizontal position.

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