I need to run the gas service to a decorative gas stove/fireplace. The location has a slab floor so the only way to get there is to go out thru the exterior wall and back in at the fireplace location. It's about 35'. I have a 2"PVC sleeve thru the 10"thick masonary wall that the AC lines are running thru. I want to run a 1/2" type L copper line out of the house thru that sleeve, 3ft down the exterior wall,into the ground, around the house and back in. To enter I could either run the copper thru another sleeve, or terminate the copper outside and use black iron to go thru the wall.
This is Minnesota and they referance the IFGC with some of their own ammendments.They only list their ammds., not the code and the only MN ammendement I can see that applies is one stating Galv. pipe must be used outside, above ground. What does the code say (and any of you)about copper for this application? I don't want the use CSST as it would have to be sleeved outside to protect it.
Opinions or suggestions need.