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    An HVAC contractor has proposed installing a Carrier 38HDC outdoor unit (also sold as a Bryant 538.) This would connect to an existing Payne PG8JAA042090 with a AllStyle Coil Company ASLB424422T coil. (The previous owner didn't install the outdoor unit when the furnace was installed.) The 38HDC is a horizontal unit with minimal clearance requirements.

    The 38HDC is marketed as a unit for a "Duct-Free" system. What is the difference between an outdoor unit designed for a Duct-free system and one designed for a ducted system? Are there any red flags I should be concerned about in using the 38HDC for my house?

    In order to be respectful to my neighbors, I would like a unit that minimizes the noise level. Given this has horizontal airflow (directed at the shared fence), will this direct all the noise right toward the neighbors. Or does most of the noise from an outdoor unit typically come from the sides of a unit? Would a unit with vertical airflow be better in this regard?


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    never saw a carrier ductless unit. On other brands ive seen,the metering device is in outdoor condensing unit, causing both lines to get cold and sweat.They tend to be rather quiet also

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    Originally posted by agb
    AllStyle Coil Company ASLB424422T coil.

    While you're at it, have the contractor change out that Allstyle plenum coil to a real cased coil and plenum so you have even air temperatures and pressures in the duct system. You will have to change it out soon due to leaks anyway.

    Those Allstyle plenum coils are the absolute worst junk ever to disgrace our industry.

    The huge numbers of them installed in my area are exellent job security for me though!

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