Just thought I would visit there to see what they had to say. Clips from their latest article on Katrina's aftermath:

1.After days of desperate waiting that magnified their despair, the survivors of Hurricane Katrina greeted on Saturday military convoys arriving in the flooded city to confront rampant lawlessness and bring desperately needed food, water and medical care.

2.Corpses decaying in the sun and uncontrolled looting presented images once thought unimaginable in the world's richest and most powerful country.

3.Frightful stories

Survivors remaining in the city struggled to get out and recalled frightful stories of murder, rape and hunger.

4.US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said nearly 60 nations had offered help for New Orleans and other afflicted Gulf Coast areas.

Offers came from long-time allies as well as critics of the US government, including Cuba and Venezuela.

Cuban President Fidel Castro, calling a "truce" in Havana's ideological enmity with Washington, offered to fly 1100 doctors to Houston with 26 tonnes of medicine to treat people in the disaster area.

5.Racial divide

With many of the victims being poor and black, the disaster underscored the lingering racial and class divide in the US south and across the country.

Black leaders were sharp in their condemnation of the government's slow response.

6."Shame, shame on America. We were put to the test, and we have failed," said Representative Diane Watson, a black Democrat from California.

Actually, not a bad account considering that this newpaper is not exactly friendly to US foreign policy.

Any other worthy reports of our efforts to handle this emergency? Post them and the link if you think they are:
1. Worthy of reading
2. Unfairly critical of our efforts to stabilize the situation.
3. ?