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    once again, I want to thank y'all for the helpful advice.

    when this sucker works ... it works flawlessly.
    To my knowledge, this is the first time ever had trouble of this degree.

    That woman who ushered me into the work area, she is the operator.

    She told me the system worked and then quit. She replaced the tip and it still didnt fire. So she called the owner and he said to get me to check the fuses on the main board.
    Those were fine.

    There is air pressure. And the servo motors operate to move the head around the table.

    The ground has been cleaned, verified and re-inspected. All the grounds.

    I will know more tomorrow morning.

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    What is the brand name?

    How big is it?

    You said this is a table, it is not a hand held torch is it?

    Is it a CNC?

    Automatic torch height sensing?

    Make sure you have all your gases turned on,also make sure you have a air supply.

    Is there a full time operator for this machine?
    If there is ask him, he should be able to help you alot.

    Let us know these answer.
    It will help getting to the problem.

    It is not a hand held torch

    the brand is CYBERMATION

    only a few were made by LOCKFORMER and they are a real pos but if you have one it must be maintained

    yes it is a cnc, controlled by the VULCAN system like version 5.0 and it is not compatable with anything...

    not even another vulcan verson

    the vulcan program controls x&y and you manually set the height of z

    it has an independant power supply and it only uses "CLEAN DRY AIR" shop air

    the power supply is connected to its own disconnect and does not require the same power as the table

    The table power is 110 volt to the computer and to the table
    x&y are driven by two DC reversable motors
    gears drive the axis and each axis has a belt driven encoder
    that establishes o position and tells the vulcan controller how far each axis has travled

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    The DC drive motors each have 4 wires connected to them . because the terminals on the motors are of a size never seen before , ours used to fall off when it was in use

    they are all black wires but they cant be switched as they are a + and - wire for each direction of the motor
    so you mite want to mark them before you start so they cannot be swaped

    I keep reliving that nitemare as the day progresses.

    btw r-12 you have mail

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    That drawing I sent to your e-mail addy is a bad one but it resembles what you will find in the head

    the tip and the hardware on the outside tube thread on to this piece . when cutting (like a circle) and the sheet metal peels up , all it takes is a hard bump for that piece to crack

    I see where you are located so you are probably 1 or 2 hrs ahead of me. ill look for your post in the am

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    Try putting in all new consumables.

    Is the height ok between the torch and the steel being cut?

    On the machines I have run,you have the power source on,but you have a torch ON in the controls.

    Is there a torch ON?

    If a new program is being used,try one that you know works.

    Will it fire manually?

    Hope you get it going,let us know what you find Monday.

    I run a 30 amp to 250 amp. ESAB table.

    Good luck,Burnman

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    Bump this thread:for R-12 rules:

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    bump this 1 more time for R-12 rules

    you must have that thing burning like mad by now

    I get off at 11:00 so i'll check back then

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    bump for r-12

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    Withe all these bumps for R-12 I hope he does not end up with a black eye.

    If common sense is so common how come so few of us have it!

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    Originally posted by hvac_czar
    Originally posted by troyorr
    Because there are none left for this POS... Just ask Pete at Lockformer... he's the only one.

    Not true. We bought a used table from Jacobs & Sons out of Massachusettes. Their technician came up to set the thing up and give us training. He said when he got here he would have us cutting in 4 days. He had us cutting ductwork in 4 days.

    We paid 30,000 for this used machine. One day it sh!t the bed after using it for 3 years. When he couldn't talk us through it he came up and condemned the computer and program. He said 10k to fix it and it would be 50% faster. I didn't even bat an eye before saying "Do it". That was 2 years ago and knock on wood.

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    Are we talking about a lockformer machine , with a cybermation table that uses a vulcan program in an nec computer

    Lockformer and cybermation both manufacture plasma tables , and they have improved their systems , but for a time they used that combonation above and boy that setup really is a piece

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