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    Air Conditioning Condenser

    I am a renter living in an apartment with central air. The condenser, which is on the porch, is 40 years old and quite rusty. (I live in Pennsylvania, where there is plenty of rain and snow.) Last year, my landlord sent a guy to fix the air conditioning, which was not working. He cleaned the condenser and it now works tolerably well. The problem is my electric bills. During the summer months, my electric bill jumps from $50 a month to $150 a month or more when I run the ac continuously. The woman who lives below me, who has a more modern condenser, pays about $65 a month for her electricity during the summer. She also runs her ac continuously.I should note that after the summer months, my bill drops back down to $50. I have informed my landlord of all this, but she says she talked to the HVAC guy who cleaned my ac last year and he says the bill should not be that high since he cleaned the condenser. My question is: could this be correct? Or should the condenser be replaced? Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

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    You live under a hot attic. That is a major difference. Your ductwork may be in the attic and leaking to boot. That could explain a lot of the difference. What is her bill during the winter when you pay $50? Life style, internal load, and stat settings can matter, also.

    A new condensor without changing the inside equipment will not make a big change.
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    There is a third floor above me, not an attic. The building was built in 1970. It's really a condo. I just rent.

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    Hard to say, find out if the guy checked the refrigerant charge, is the bigger copper line cold and sweating, is your indoor filter clean?
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    40 years old eh?

    Of course the old one is going to use more energy than the "newer" one your neighboor has.
    It's called SEER ratings.
    For every watt of electricity, you get X amount of cold air.

    Hers PROBABLY uses less electricity to produce the same ammount of air.

    If that things 40 years old, they probably didn't even have efficiency ratings.
    Your neighboor, who has a newer (lets say 10 years old) AC, probably has a 10 seer. You could be at...6. who knows.

    They make them all the way up past 21 seer now. (higher is better.)
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    Not to mention, a compressor that old could very well have some damage to the valves or pistons which isnt allowing it to "pump" as effectively. Which would be why it runs all day and only works "tolerably" well.

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    Next time you have a tech clean it or work on it, have him take a look at your amp draws. Your probably running a little bit higher than a newer unit, and your efficiency is probably considerably lower than newer models. Unfortunately the problem is for you, and not your renter. As long as it isn't broke, they usually don't care how much it cost you.

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