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Thread: t-stat jump out

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    Hmm t-stat jump out

    i have a armstrong magic pack im working on the condensor chassis,just changed the condensor motor it was bad. i was wondering if there was a way to jump out a wire to start the blower motor to get a charge n it,i can press the contactor n the condenser and compressor motor start but not the blower, can i jump some wire to turn the blower on it does have a plug with 3 wires blue-yellow-red i no thats to hook to the other board in the heat chassis, i guees just wanna no what i could do to get the blower motor going when i press contacter in , so i can get a charge in the unit since it is a spare ac chassis.

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    I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish, but if you don't know how to get the blower going, you need to call a professional, please.

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    just trying to get the blower to jump out without the t stat connected so i can get a refrigerant charge of 48 oz, condensor fan turns compressor comes on ,Can i get a accurate charge without blower running.

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    the short answer is yes_BUT you need to know what you are doing in the first place (everything operates on magic smoke, let the magic smoke out and it won't work any longer)

    the long answer is

    1- if you had read the rules you agreed to while registering, you would know
    no DIY

    2- questions such as yours should not be answered in open forums-DIYers will get hurt ( on second thought......)
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    You should be able to, read the wiring diagram. Unless its a real old model, be aware the blower is on a time delay to start as well.
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    Is this the "Works in a Drawer," unit. If so you'll need the Evap Motor pulling air thru the Evap coil too. There should be two knock-outs in the side of the "Drawer" to thread your hoses thru.

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