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    Originally posted by nathan9999

    I will print out the Title 24 reference and provide it to my contractor. I must confess I'll do so with a little anxiety because I don't know if I can locate another dealer who will do any better.
    Be sure you talk to ARNOLD S. also.
    Designer Dan
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    Dan, it took awhile to get the Arnold S reference. Gee, you'd think I was totally disconnected from politics. Oh, I forgot, I am totally disconnected from almosy everything except getting this house built. All I can think about is latent, sensible, SEER, zoning, Man J, ACCA, S & D calcs, heat gain, insulation, scroll, recip, R-22, R-410A, Title 24, dual compressor, 2 stage, variable speed, ad infinitum (or is that ad nauseum?).

    I hope my contractor rep is as obssessed with HVAC as I am.

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