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    Thermo King Freezer Container.

    Got one here that a fish cannery uses for storage. Two years ago they had a "rebuilt" refer unit installed in it and it has been running fine. Always stayed at -10. The called me today and asked me to add some gas to it. Heh heh. Drove down there, and checked it out. 134 refrigerant, on board suction gauge at 6" vacuum. sight glass full. condenser fan running on low. Compressor not cycling on low pressure which kinda surprised me. There are two panels located above the condensing section. Does one of these get access to the expansion valve? Never had one of these apart, but I'm betting a TXV head that has lost it's charge. LLS is activated but never verified that it's opening. No obvious signs of oil or leakage. Just a little intimidated by all the electronic stuff, and not ever having one apart. It has frozen fish in it , so I can't just shut it down and play with it for too long.
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    When I worked for tk I never encountered a container. On the trailers the txv was accessed by removing the evap panel in the trailer.

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