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Thread: sound familiar?

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    second day on the new job. (Praise the Lord!)

    I drive in and find I'm getting a truck.

    I tell the boss I'll have my tools outa the car and into the Ranger in a little while.

    He says ... "have you SEEN the inside of the Ranger?"

    He means the cab.
    It has smoked glass windows. So I said no.

    He said I better take a look before I go makin' promises I cant keep.

    By the time he sent me on the first call, it was 2:30 PM and it looked just about as bad as when he last drove the truck himself.

    only dif was ... this mess is MINE and now I know where all of it is!

    that was DEFINATELY a Fabreeze moment!

    (he remarked he'd NEVER seen so many tools comin' outa the trunk and back seat of a Corolla before)(especially when I removed that #80 nitrogen cylinder)

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    I hope this one works out for you. What is this like 40 jobs in 12 months??

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    Now you've jinxed him. It will be 41 jobs in 12 months.
    Karst means cave. So, I search for caves.

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    Congrats and good luck on your new job, Bob.

    I do hope you get to work on ice machines now and then.

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    Yep , he's jinksed now

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    Congratulations Bob.

    But. A Ranger????

    Come to NEPA. We have one ton vans. New ones...

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    Spring of LAST YEAR ... I got into markets for awhile. Loved the heck out of it.
    One job was 3 mos, the next was just a week.

    That makes two. so far.
    Then another job for five weeks, aug to Sept. This marks number three.
    That was it for last year.

    Then in May of this year, I started a piping project which just laid me off near the end of their work. That makes four.
    Now with this outfit ... it makes five. Five jobs in a year and a half.

    and what have I accomplished in that time ??? I got past a temporary fear of failing at something I felt I was not qualified to work on. MARKET SYSTEMS.
    I discovered that with some help from guys here ... I was able to actually work on that stuff, unsupervised, and not blow anything up.

    And I got to work on some more ice machines, a line which I never would have chosen to service .. had anyone bothered to ask me ... and I did pretty good with them also.

    and the position I just left ... I didnt get fired.
    Now THAT was kind of unusual for me ...dont you think?

    and while there, I got to run more feet of copper in four months than I had in twenty years!!!
    And some of it even looked good enough for the "Hall of Fame!"

    It's one thing to do a few welds when you replace a compressor .... and you really dont have to be any good at brazing in order to get that done.
    But when your running several circuits, in unison, in a harmonious manner ... all leveled out and insulated and clamped and strapped ... up and down and around beams and thru walls and over obstacles ... all evenly spaced.... and leak free when your completed ...

    Now THAT is something to be happy with and proud about!

    And the mere fact that I left that job not bad mouthing my foreman or writting a skathing letter to the owners about the way things were done ... is testimony to the fact that given the opportunity ... an Irishman CAN keep his trap shut!

    Thank you PopaDice ... you were my inspiration that whole time I was there!!!

    I jus kept thinking about your words .... "shut up n' work, Bob!"

    If ya go to work and dont bring anything home with ya but a paycheck ... your a loser.

    I enjoy working.
    I love being around most people.

    I just dont get it though, when ever I encounter people who would rather do things the hard way ... than the easy way.
    When there is a choice, of course.

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