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    I had my assistant change out a condensing unit and evap. coil yesterday. The guy is pretty new here and so far everything he has done he has been real knowledgable on. He is e.p.a. certified and all. Well, he calls me about three hours after he started and said he was having problems getting theunit charged properly. I went over and checked it over and assumed he did a proper vacuum and tests. I added some r22 and the guages read zero, did it again, zero, 3rd time, still no leaks found. Finally after 30 minutes I looked at the evap. coil and found that he didn't even hook up the highside at the coil. I won't assume he knows what he's doing next time.

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    I had a guy once that claimed he had ran a vacuum and all and I was in a crawl space and he was outside and he released the charge. When he did this I hear this loud ass noise and I started yelling for him to shut it off. He didn't connect the suction line after it penetrated the wall into the basement and when the gas came rushing out it blew oil all over the white wall. It was my own fault and I appologized and bought him a few coldies the next night but when I saw what had happened I told him to gather his tools and take his sorry ass somewhere else. He turned out to be a really good tech later on in his career.

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    I`ve been doing this hvac ever since JC walked on water.
    Last year i go set a condenser,hook-up lines at condenser
    leak test.No pressure?? O i forgot to hook-up evap.But
    I look on furnace ,i forgot to install coil,but wheres the evap. coil?O ya,I left it on garage floor back home,40 miles away.What a day.

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    That was a good one. A few years back when I was first starting out, I was on the clean and check kick. Well, I go through the condensing unit and then climb my fat butt up into the attic to check over the air handler. The drain pan and condensate line were nasty and so I figured I'd cut the line and blow it out. So that is exactly what I did. Just when I heard the blockage blow through someone yelled "Holy Sh&&, What the Fu@@ is this Sh&&!!" It turned out the homeowner was in the back yard gardening and was walking out front passed the line just as I blew out the line. I felt so bad about it and had no idea what to do about it. It turned out the guy had a sense of humor and ended up requesting me each time he had a problem.

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    We all hate it when things like that happen but all of us has had experiances like these at one time or another.

    One blooper I'll never forget was a system changeout I was doing.

    It was a 5 ton residential split.

    My helper called in sick so being a lone wolf on this job I decided to strip the blower and coil from the air handler so I could lift it by myself.

    Anyway to make a long story short I get it all put together, pull a vacuum, open the service valves and start it up.

    Suction pressure was low so I added some gas and pressure kept dropping.

    I went into the garage to see if the blower was running and there it was, sitting on the floor.:

    We've been doing so much,for so long,with so little, that now we can do almost anything, with nothing at all.

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    Me and partner were installing three walk-in Freezers, same number of Walk -in coolers and ten Island coolers-freezers during a grocery store install. We numbered all the suction and liquid lines so they matched with coolers and cond. units.

    That's the first problem. 16 line sets, with two guys thinking on different tracks. Three of the systems were crossed over into the three different coils... It took over a day to figure out why the numbers didn't Jibe.

    Teach the apprentices right... and learn from their questions and ideas.

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